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A Guide to Relevant Sources at Harvard, for Du Bois Fellows, created by Pam Matz, Research Librarian, Harvard Library

Harvard Library Research Support

Oxford African American Studies Center, “The Online Authority on the African American Experience”

Harvard Library Research Guides

Africa and the African Diaspora: Music Research Guide by Liza Vick

African American Studies: Newspaper Research by Pam Matz

African Video Collection by Bassey Irele

Finding Periodical Articles and Book Reviews on Africa by Fred Burchsted

R&B to Neo Soul (the Library Guide) by Pam Matz, Liza Vick

Islamic Heritage Project


  • Applying for a Study Carrel
  • Harvard Geospatial Library
  • Harvard Map Collection
  • IQSS Dataverse
  • AP Multimedia Archive
  • Harvard University Library Digital Collections
  • WorldMap / AfricaMap

    Techniques to Try

    • E-Resource Cross Search
    • Group Searches in Resources Provided by Same Vendor, e.g.:
    • Search as a group EBSCO resources Academic Search Premier, America History and Life, ATLA Religion, and Race Relations Abstracts

    How to build a custom search

    1. Go to the Find E-Resources Page

    2. LogIn with Harvard ID and PIN

    3. Go to Find E-Resources and select the resources you want to put in your custom search: Key the resource name into the title box. When you see the name of the resource in the RESULTS LIST, click the + Sign to add it to MY RESEARCH.

    4. Click on MY RESEARCH in the horizontal top menu bar

    5. Click on MY E-RESOURCES in the new horizontal top menu bar that appears underneath the standard bar.

    6. The next screen, next to the SELECT SET box, click on the icon that looks like a tabbed file-folder with an asterisk on the corner, which = CREATE NEW SET. Give the New Set a name and description and click on SAVE.

    7. Choose that set from the Pull-down menu next to SELECT SET.

    8. On the right hand sign of the screen, labeled BASKET, is a list of the resources you added to MY RESEARCH. Use the left-arrows to add those resources to your custom set.

    9. Whenever you log into E-Research and choose QUICK SEARCH or CROSS SEARCH you’ll see your custom search in the list of possible searches.

    Let me know if you have questions!
    Pam Matz, Research Librarian,

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