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The Hiphop Archive & Research Institute at Harvard University was officially established in 2002. It found its permanent home in the Du Bois Institute January 2008. The Hiphop Archive & Research Institute’s mission is to facilitate and encourage the pursuit of knowledge, art, culture and responsible leadership through Hiphop. We are uncompromising in our commitment to build and support intellectually challenging and innovative scholarship that both reflects the rigor and achievement of performance in Hiphop and transforms our thinking and our lives. These objectives are met through our Website: which provides information about all activities and projects and serves as a resource for those interested in knowing, developing, building, maintaining and representing Hiphop. The Hiphop Archive & Research Institute works with other groups and individuals who support hiphop culture. We also sponsor and facilitate projects, events and numerous other activities at the Hiphop Archive @ The Hutchins Center, Harvard University.

Scholars interested in applying for the Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellowship can find application information here.


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Martha Diaz

Media Producer, Social Entrepreneur, Archivist, Curator, and Educator
Time Is Illmatic: The Journey, Music, and Legacy of Nasir Jones
Nasir Jones Hiphop Fellow
Fall 2017


Christopher Emdin

Fall 2013: Caperton and Hiphop Archive Fellow

S.T.E.M. with no root bears no fruit: Colloquial appropriations of canonical science in contemporary hip-hop

Theodore Miller

2010-2011: Hiphop Archive Fellow

Deconstructing the Beggar’s Edifice: the Failure of Civil Rights and the Battle for Place in Hiphop America

Joycelyn Wilson

2011-2012: Hiphop Archive Fellow

The Miseducation of Hip-Hop: Cross-Generational Methodologies for Gaining Clearer Interpretations of the Leadership Language of the Post-Civil Rights/Millennium Generation

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Classic Crates

The mission of Classic Crates is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the rich heritage of Hiphop as an American art form.

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The primary aim of the Bibliography is to present references for Hiphop scholarship. We focus on work that includes pivotal theories as well as research methods and methodology. Search our listings here.

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