Hiring a Student Research Assistant

As a resident fellow, you may hire a student research assistant (RA) to help you with your project.

We will advertise your position on the Student Employment Website, as well as at various Departments and Centers around Harvard.  Please submit your job description and list of skill requirements to krishna_lewis@harvard.edu, and please specificy if you would like to advertise your job to both udergrads and graduate students, or only to graduate students.  For fellows arriving in the fall, we recommend you submit this information by September 1st. 

The Du Bois Institute pays a competitive wage of $12.50/hr for undergrads and $18.15/hr for graduate students.

Most students are permitted to work 65 hours per semester (averaging roughly 5 hours a week).  Students who are on a government assisted work study program may work 130 hours per semester.  Any hours worked beyond the alloted amount will be billed to the fellow.  Fellows may choose how they want to schedule their alloted hours.

Job applicants will contact the fellows directly, and the fellows are responsible for interviewing and choosing their candidates. 

Once you have chosen your RA, please have the student meet with Sandra Mancebo, Financial Associate, to determine eligibility and be added to the Du Bois Institute payroll. To arrange an appointment with Sandra you may call her at 617-496-2879, or contact her via email at smancebo@fas.harvard.edu.  She is in office 312.

Sandra will give you a resident registration form. Please fill this out and return it to Delphine Kwankam at the front desk.

RAs must fill out their timesheet EVERY WEEK, signed by their fellow, and placed in Jean’s mailbox (in front of her office, #312) by 5pm on Thursday. If a RA fails to submit their timesheet by the deadline they will not be paid for their work.

As RAs turn in their timesheet, they must also record their hours in the white logbook next to Sandra’s mailbox. This will keep track of how many hours they have worked and how many hours they have remaining.

Because RAs are not allowed to check books out for the fellows who employ them, we have made an arrangement with the Phillips Reading Room to create a Hold Shelf for our fellows.

RAs will be able to place books on 10-day hold UNDER YOUR NAME at the Phillips Reading Room in Widener Library. The staff at Phillips Reading Room is aware of this arrangement. Your RA should tell the staff at the desk in Phillips that s/he is an RA at the Du Bois Institute and that s/he would like to place the book on hold under your name.

Fellows will be able to use the items in Phillips, and you will be able to retrieve circulating items and check them out following standard procedure at the Circulation Desk.

As soon as you've hired an RA (or if you've hired one already), please send and email to krishna_lewis@harvard.edu his or her name and status (graduate or undergraduate). The manager of the Phillips Reading Room has asked that I provide a list of fellows and RAs who may be using this service.

We hope that this system will make your use of Widener's vast resources easier, and we appreciate all that the staff at Widener has done to make this possible for us.

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