Spring 2014 to Fall 2014 - History Design Studio: A Multimedia Exhibition

The History Design Studio at the Hutchins Center is a workshop for new ideas in multimedia history. By joining a commitment to the professional practice of history with an experimental approach to form and presentation, we express historians’ core values and methods through the innovative methods of artisanship and craft. Extensive use of primary sources, keen historiographical awareness, attention to change over time, and an overarching respect for evidence guide our projects.

In our first seminar in the fall of 2013, we brought Harvard students into conversation with scholars, filmmakers, museum curators, cartographers, and performance artists to develop creative ways to represent data sets important to their research. The projects on display emerged out of this conversation. From archive-based songwriting to curricular development, interactive cartography to animated analysis of texts and objects, these projects raise intriguing questions:

How does the fluidity of interactive media challenge the way we conceive the past? By stretching the canvas of historical scholarship beyond the print medium, can we make room for histories that have been excluded from the written record? Can the compulsion to innovate enhance, rather than diminish, historical consciousness?

These History Design Studio projects grapple with these questions, illuminating the process through which we design our history–and our history designs us.

Featuring works by: Amy Alemu, Eric Cervini, Bradley Craig, Mark Duerksen, Nia Evans & Tomashi Jackson, Balraj Gill, John Hulsey, Sandy Plácido, Aylin Tschope, and Benjamin Weber

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