International Fellows

Applying for a Visa

The Harvard International Office now uses a website called e-Scholar to help you apply for your Visa. They no longer accept paper applications. Once we’ve entered you into e-Scholar, you will receive an email from Krishna Lewis with the following subject line:

“You have been invited to W. E. B. Du Bois Institute (FAS) department”

The email will provide you with a web address, your username, and a password.

Please follow the web address to login to e-scholar. Provide all requested information. If you do not have all information available at the time of your first login, you may save your progress and complete at a later date.

Once you’ve finished entering all requested information and you’ve pressed the submit button, you must send an email to stating that you are finished entering your information.

The Harvard International Office will create your form DS-2019, plus forms for any family members you are travelling with. This usually takes 3-4 weeks, then they’ll send the completed forms directly to you. Once you’ve received form DS-2019, you may take it to your local embassy and apply for a J-1 Scholars Visa.

Registering with the Harvard International Office

Upon arriving in Cambridge, international fellows are expected to register at the Harvard International Office WITHIN 15 DAYS OF THE START OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.

  • Bring your passport, I-94 card, and visa document.
  • Tell the guard that you are going to the International Office.
  • Get a Social Security Card by going to a Social Security Office.


Harvard International Office
1350 Massachusetts Avenue
Holyoke Center Room 864
Cambridge, MA
617-495-2789 (phone)
617-495-4088 (fax)

Mandela Fellows: Booking your Flights

Call the Harvard Travel Office at 617-496-8000 or 800-610-5640.

Listen to the prompt, select the option for International Flights.

When asked for a payment method, say that this will be paid through the Du Bois Institute using a web voucher.

Give the travel agent your full name and the full name of any family members whose tickets you will purchase. Give the travel agent your current email address. Your tickets will be sent via email.

Please be aware that your funding provides a travel budget of $2,400.  You also have a relocation budget of $1,800 that can be added to your travel budget and used towards tickets for a family member.  The Du Bois Institute can not approve any itinerary that costs over $4,200.

You will receive a copy of the itinerary via email for your review. Pay close attention that your name (and the names of your family members) are spelled correctly. If it’s correct, reply to the email and type, “Name is correct, OK to issue tickets.” If you have any changes, call Harvard Travel, choose International Flights, and give the operator your last name.

After you’ve emailed the travel office to say “Name is correct, OK to issue tickets,” forward the itinerary to Sandra Mancebo, our Financial Associate, at, with a note stating that you are an incoming Mandela Fellow. Sandra will process the payment.


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